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membership & FEllowship

Attending services at a church is not the same thing as connecting to the Body of Christ. The primary way to plug in at Phillips Chapel CME is through church membership and fellowship.

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The local church is a tangible expression of God’s love to the world. The darker the world grows, the more brightly those who have been forgiven and healed by God will shine. Collectively as a church family, we have the opportunity to spread the light of God’s love, drawing broken people who desire to be freed from the despair and hopelessness into the warmth of His presence. From the beginning, God intended for us to live in community with one another. This pattern is clear from the opening of Genesis 1.

That pattern continues today. We all need each other. Together, we share our gifts and talents. Together, we become more mature in our walk with God. Together, we endure trials and support one another through prayer, encouragement, accountability, edification, and practical acts of service. Together, we make up the church body. Joining Phillips Chapel CME makes you a member of our body, along with all rights, privileges, expectations, and responsibilities.

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